The Tao of Badass has been designed as an artifice that tends to unravel an ingenuous approach that not only intrigues women to men, but it also gives the opportunity and ability to be able to take a proper direction in their relationship. Joshua Pellicer tries to give knowledge to men on they can become Badass players all the way from lovable losers with easy tricks and tips. The main aim of this product is to show men how they can turn out to be more confident while approaching a lady and how one should behave not to turn of the lady ad choosing your words carefully while having a conversation.


Some of the countenance of this product includes:

  • 1. How you can make a woman to personally approach you.
  • 2. How you can keep conversations flowing naturally.
  • 3. Unorthodox approach to stop any woman you have an eye on the street.
  • 4. Overcoming the fear of approaching random women.
  • 5. How you can read and tell if a woman is into you.
  • 6. The right kind of body language you should put into place and its importance.
  • 7. Getting the first time kiss.
  • 8. How you can avoid women’s rejection.
  • 9. How you can pass all the first time tests from women.
  • 10. Communicating with confidence and maintaining eye contact which is crucial.
  • 11. -The mistakes men make that turn off women.

These are few among many features that are featured in this book.


This book has many benefits and the tricks and tips that are contained inside have proven to be successful. Men who have abided to these tricks systematically have seen a big difference in their lives with women.

Some of the benefits include: –

One, you can get extremely hot women who you may term as out of your league to get in love anytime with you sexually.

Two, you get to learn how to win women even without much of a try.

Three, the secrets you get to learn will help improve your social interaction world.

Four, instead of you buying drinks for women you can get them to buy drinks for you. Five, you will also find out how you can build love, without ever being been put on the friend zone or being cheated.

There are numerous differences between spinning reels and baitcasting reels. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Making a choice between the two usually depends on the user, what one is trying to catch, what the situations and conditions are.

Best spinning reels are usually used by those who are fishing for the first time, and is ideal to catch small fish. They have no settings for spool spin and lure weight which makes them easier to learn on using. For spinning reels, the reel’s guides are located on the bottom side of the rod which makes them easier to hold unlike baitcasting reels. They can be placed on a flat surface or set on the floor because they sit upside down and don’t roll over unlike the baitcasting reels that always does. They work quite well with a 2 to 12lb line for BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area). Although they work quite well for beginners, there are some disadvantages on spinning reels. If one doesn’t know how to cast properly with finesse, the line of the spinning reel tumbles off the end of the spool. Also, when catching the big one, spinning reels often cause nasty twists on the line which makes it better to use baitcasting reels when catching big fishes.

Baitcasting reels are often used by those who have experience on fishing. It requires the fishermen to have knowledge on the weight of the lure, the distance of the cast and the friction of the spool. Baitcasting reels are ideal for big fishes with their trolling -only rods. Another advantage is that the drag doesn’t make a lot of noise, or no noise at all which is a negative point for spinning reels, and on the contrary the fishermen have to use their thumb on the spool to know if their line is going or not. Unlike spinning reels, the line of the baitcasting reel dies not twist when cranking the reel around and around, since the line goes in and out in a linear direction and comes back the same way.

Using a spinning reel or a baitcasting reel when fishing may have their pros and cons, but it all boils down to what happens when there is a catch: making sure that the rod tip is up in the air and keeping the line tight constantly, so that the fish doesn’t go out of the water.

An outdoor camping tent is a very important thing to carry when you are going out for an adventure. In fact, staying in a camping tent is also a very adventurous experience. But you need to consider certain facts before having an outdoor camping tent that is just right for your adventure.

Important Considerations of Outdoor Camping Tent

When you are in need of a good quality tent then, you should know about important features of the tent so that you can easily find out the best and suitable one for yourself. According to your adventure, you need to make the choice considering these important factors.

Easy Installation

A tent that is easy to setup will give you much pleasure while camping as it requires less time to set and preen. You can even learn quickly the setup procedure before starting camping adventure.

Size of the Tent

The size of a tent is an important factor where you are going to sleep overnight and keep your stuff as well. You need to have a tent which provides enough and comforting space as per the number of your company.

Camping Season

The season in which you want to make your adventure has a large influence on choosing the right camping tent for you. An outdoor camping tent which is not intended for your camping season is not going to render a good overnight camping.

  • For snow camping, a four-season tent is good enough to give a better experience.
  • For spring and summer camping, a two-season tent will provide better service.

Ventilation System

Improvised fabric reduces suitable ventilation of the tents. It is possible to get the feeling of sleeping in a plastic bag by using this sort of tent. You have to ensure the material quality of the tent to get better ventilation as per your camping season.

Efficient Backpacking

If you want to get a suitable and lightweight backpacking, you may prefer the three-season tent which can take the wind well. Although you may not get better camping service compared to others, but to have efficient backpacking, some comfort can be sacrificed easily.

Resistivity to The Wind

According to the type of journey, you need to have a tent that will provide sufficient resistivity to the wind. Taller tents have higher headroom and it may result in a camping like sailing in storming sea. As taller tents enhance the ventilation, you need to consider well.

Rain Fly

The rain fly helps to keep the outdoor camping tent dry as well as influences the ventilation system. Different types of tents provide different fly.

  • Two-season camping tent provides partial fly with higher ventilation.
  • Four-season camping tent provides complete covering along with effective wind sealing.

Staking or Not

Some of the tents may need to stake if necessary. If the ground is too hard to stake then, it will be a real problem to stake the tent down to the ground. Camping tents on lightweight mountains need stakes to set up. But on Rocky Mountains, it is very difficult. You need to consider this with care.

If you want to make a memorable adventure, you need a standard quality outdoor camping tent to get sleep overnight. You should not consider these individually, but need to consider all at the same time. While buying a perfect one according to the season and camping place, you must keep looking unless you find out a matching one with these considerations.

What is more important for parents than the smile on the face of the baby? Probably, nothing! The joy and happiness of the baby are the number one priority for every parent in the world. And there are a lot of things to do for the baby, which will make him/her relaxed and happy. Either you can buy colorful toys or good and tasty food and much more. Babies are fond of humping, jumping or bouncing. And swinging is another favorite play for the kids. Making a baby swing can draw a wide smile in the face both the parent and the baby. Baby swings are not only a toy, rather it is more like a gym for the baby. A baby swing would train your baby’s motor nerves and the motion senses. Again, these are very important for the baby’s physical development.

And now if you are going to purchase a best baby swing, you would probably get confused. Because there are various types of baby swings available in the market. To make your confusion disappear, here we’ve classified baby swings below.

Mainly: Two Types

Manual Baby Swings

Manual baby swings are the oldest types of baby swings. These types of baby swings are cheaper and easy to set up. We call it manual baby swing because you have to push-pull the baby crate all by yourself. So, you have the full control of swing range and speed. Again, you are staying close your baby while swinging. And that helps you to look after the baby if he/she is having any trouble or not. Besides you can feed the baby while doing the push pull thing. Also, this will help you to empty the feeder! Because, babies eat more than normal, while they are playing or having fun. These types of baby swings have some more interesting features and benefits which I’ve given bellow.

  • It doesn’t need any external power source. It fully operates on manpower.
  • It is available in wooden or steel form.
  • And it is easy to install.
  • It is long lasting.
  • You can attach some extra toys in the swing for more attraction.

Automatic Baby Swings

These types of baby swings are the modern one. And these types of baby swing doesn’t need you to push-pull it. Rather, it will make the swings automatically. So, the mechanical arrangements will do the job for you. Well, you can count it as the blessing of modern science! Calculated and regular swing makes the baby fall into sleep quickly. That’s kind of great thing. Because it will relief you from the swings job that you have to do in manual types of baby swings. Finally, you can simply turn the switch on and go to sleep. And it will keep swinging throughout the night. Thus makes sure less waking up and crying of babies. How is not that a blessing! I have given bellow some more cool advantages that these types of swings offer.

  • It runs with battery power.
  • It has different speed and swing range.
  • You can program the speed, swing range and even the on-off timer.
  • With one push of a button, it gets started.
  • Its gentle swing makes the baby fall into sleep quickly.
  • It has safety belts for literally the tight sleep!
  • It is lightweight and colorful.
  • Swings are great fun for babies. You know your baby wants it. And you can realize how happy he/she is when you will see the cute smile on the face while swinging. Among the various types of baby swings, you can choose what seems best for you.

3.6 million children in the United States are reported as having been abused, neglected or abandoned. One of these children dies every six hours due to the abuse. These are awful statistics, but they present the reality of American society today. In 1985 Wayne and Diane Tesch decided to try and do something about it. They founded Royal Family Kids’ Camp to help children that have come through serious hardship. By 2015 Royal Family KIDS was serving 7,700 children across 209 camps in 40 states and four countries internationally every single year. Since its foundation over twenty years, ago well over 100,000 children have been helped by the organization.

Royal Family Kids’ Camp offers a camp experience that is specifically designed for children who have suffered from abuse, neglect or abandonment. These kids have had unique experiences, and so they require a unique camp experience as well that is best suited to their needs. The camps are based on the needs of children aged 7-11, and they are run by trained counselors and other staff who work with the kids. Local churches are often at the heart of the movement and sponsor the camps.

This article looks at some of the best things about Royal Family Kids’ Camp.

Royal Family Kids Create Positive Memories for Children

The first thing to say, which follows a key goal of the program, is that the camps create much needed positive memories for these children who have suffered from unspeakable hardship in the past. It shows them that it is possible to live life in a positive way and that there are people out there who want to help them and give them nice things to experience.

Royal Family Kids Allows Kids to be Kids

Children can be children at the Royal Family Kids’ Camps. They can play around, run, jump, laugh and play with other kids. These basic things have more often than not been taken away from these kids in the past. The mixed variety of activities available at the camp means that there will always be something of interest to do. Kids need stimulation, and the camps provide them with this.

Royal Family Kids’ Camps are Structured

Often the kids who come along to Royal Family Kids’ Camps will have led very unstructured lives and may not even have been to school before. They will not have had the opportunity to have a structure in their lives and experiences that instill self-discipline, determination and the setting of goals. The camps themselves are packed with all sorts of activities and lessons. In this way, they are a little bit like a school although they are intended to be more fun than the average school lessons! The activities of each camp vary slightly, but there is a general program structure which remains the same.

Royal Family Kids’ Camps have Good Adult Role Models

Each camp will have a large number of positive adult role models to show the children, who have probably experienced very bad adults in the past, that not all adults are bad and in fact, they can be good people who you can look up to and aspire to emulate in the future. In each Kids’ camp, there is one adult leader for every two campers and that adult leader will spend 23 hours a day with these two kids. This leads to a lot of trust being built up and a good relationship. The leader is often a volunteer who will have gone through a lot of training. It will be their responsibility to be there for the kids throughout the week and escort them for the activities.

royal family kids map

Royal Family Kids’ Camps have Fantastic and Fun Activities

Activities change from time to time and will vary depending on the camp and the time of year (as well as the expertise of the adult supervisors), but they generally include swimming, playing sports, hiking, arts, crafts and woodwork. Often this will involve teaching the children new skills which can help them after they leave the camp. Royal Family Kids’ Camps provide an opportunity for ‘informal’ therapy Every night the volunteer leader will have a conversation with each of the kids, and it is a great opportunity for the kids to talk about things that have happened to them in the past. This is a great relief for many of them and acts as a cathartic therapy, even though they are not aware that they are going through it.

Royal Family Kids’ Camps have a Massive Birthday Party for All of the Kids

Because of where most of these kids have come from, many of them will never have celebrated their birthday. The camps put this right by holding a massive birthday bash for all of them. This is often the kids’ favorite activity of the week when they look back on it. They each get a small birthday present, and they share the food which always includes a birthday cake and usually ice cream and lots of other yummy food. It forms a wonderful memory for the kids. It makes them feel valued and special. It also makes them feel like individuals, but individuals who are part of a friendship group. Most of these kids will not have had friends in the past.

Royal Family Kids’ Camps provide great volunteering opportunities for people to give something back. It is not just the kids who benefit from these camps. The volunteer leaders will also come away from the experience feeling fulfilled and as if they have really done something positive to help these kids in their journey to recovery. The Royal Family Kids’ Camps are absolutely brilliant experiences for these abused and neglected children, and their work is vital in a world where children continue to suffer. It is an amazing opportunity for kids who have too often been forgotten to make a new start in life. It reaches out to these kids and offers a sense of hope to them, something that has not been possible in their pasts. It may just be one week, but its impact will be huge.